Other marriage and family ministries

In holding families as the fundamental keystone to society—the first community to which every person belongs—there are a number of marriage and family ministries operating in the diocese that provide support and resources to effectively prepare couples for marriage, strengthen their marriage and care for their family. The diocese’s social services agency, CatholicCare, also provides a number of family and relationship services including counselling, courses in strengthening relationships, marriage preparation programs, mental health first aid courses, student programs, hands-on parenting skills, and services to help parents re-enter the workforce. Visit the CatholicCare website to learn more.

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Other marriage and family ministries


Marriage and Relationship Education

Marriage and Relationship Education prepares couples relationship for the future years ahead. This program provides an opportunity to make a start on building a more rewarding life together.
local_phone (02) 4254 9395

Billings LIFE—Natural Family Planning

Billings LIFE provides clinical instruction to women and couples in the Billings Ovulation Method to achieve or avoid pregnancy naturally, and to safeguard reproductive health at all stages of reproductive life.
local_phone 0408 402 059

Marriage Encounter

Weekend retreats based on Catholic teaching for couples with sound marriages who want to take their relationship a step further and enrich and/or revitalise their marriage.
local_phone 0490 774 419

Passionist Family Group Movement

Aims to build Christian community through the development of extended families. Family Groups create an extended family atmosphere within the community and are open to everyone.
local_phone 0422 000 623

Rachel’s Vineyard

A confidential reconciliation and healing ministry for the many people, both men and women, who have been touched by an abortion experience—provide support in dealing with the grief, anger and sense of responsibility for a great loss.
local_phone 0400 092 555


SmartLoving is a series of resources that draws from a wealth of research, theology, and experience to provide a focused approach to building marriages. Also SmartLoving Engaged for marriage preparation.
local_phone (02) 9319 6280