The Interdiocesan Tribunal of Sydney, Wollongong Office, is a service of the diocese to assist with the pastoral care of divorced and remarried persons seeking to have their marriage recognised in the Church, divorced persons seeking to remarry, and divorced persons seeking clarification of their standing in the Church.

The Wollongong Office operates as part of the Interdiocesan Tribunal of Sydney for the Catholic Church in NSW and ACT in accordance with its privacy policy.

Any Catholic or non-Catholic who questions the validity of his or her marriage is welcome to approach the Wollongong Office of the Tribunal.

If you are required to complete any forms (i.e. applications, dispensations and permissions) relating to getting married, this is handled by the Office of the Bishop (not the Tribunal). Click on the below Marriages button for Marriage forms and contact details.

General enquiries

Interdiocesan Tribunal of Sydney—Diocese of Wollongong
Xavier Centre
PO Box 2090 (38 Harbour Street)
Wollongong NSW 2500 Australia
Ph: (02) 4222 2409
Email: [email protected]