Councils, commissions and committees

Diocesan councils, commissions and committees exist to help guide and provide the bishop with expert advice on a broad range of diocesan matters. Members of the councils, commissions and committees in the diocese serve selflessly to help the programs and business of the diocese run smoothly.

The terms of references are generally developed and approved by each council, commission and committee. Some positions are elected by representative bodies where appropriate and some are appointed by the bishop. Additionally, clergy and/or diocesan staff may resource the workload.



Council of Priests

The Council of Priests is a group of priests chosen to assist the bishop in an advisory capacity in the governance of the diocese. Canon 495 of the Code of Canon Law lays down that every diocese must have such a council. The council addresses matters concerning the pastoral welfare of the people of God in the diocese.

CatholicCare Advisory Council

Provides pastoral support and independent advice to the director of CatholicCare in relation to programs and organisational initiatives, including strategic objectives and directions of CatholicCare.
local_phone (02) 4254 9318

Catholic Development Fund Advisory Council

Aims to ensure both the ethical management of CDF members’ funds and the wise use of resources to promote the pastoral works of the diocese. Members are drawn from a cross-section of Church, community and business personnel.
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Diocesan Council for People with Disabilities and their Families

Assists parishes seeking practical ways to become more inclusive of people with disabilities and their families.
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Diocesan Finance Council

Established in accordance with Cannon Law and not engaged in the day-to-day financial administration of the diocese. It is a council of vigilance—advising the bishop on financial matters such as administration and its improvement where opportune.
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Diocesan Schools Council

Advises the bishop on matters pertaining to parish and diocesan schools, including—the evangelising thrust of Catholic schools, religious education, learning and teaching, strategic planning and resourcing.



Diocesan Liturgical Commission

Facilitates the liturgical formation and education of the faithful and promotes active participation in liturgy by all Christ's faithful.
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Diocesan Professional Standards and Safeguarding Committee

Assists the bishop to build and maintain a diocesan culture that focuses on the dignity and safety of each person, with a special regard for the young and vulnerable—including adherence to legislative requirements, accountability, awareness raising and education, direction, structure and guidance.
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Diocesan Committee for the Aged

The Committee for the Aged is a volunteer committee of CatholicCare that meets monthly to support the needs of ageing members of the diocese. Committee members assist with information sharing for ageing people and their families. For more information please contact Jane Hollier:
local_phone 0417 018 152