Other social justice ministries

The root of social justice ministries is the call to justice and charity. In the Gospel according to Luke (4:18), Jesus began his public life by reading a passage from Isaiah that introduced his ministry and the mission of every parish. The parish must proclaim the transcendent message of the gospel and help:

  • Bring “good news to the poor” in a society where millions lack the necessities of life;
  • Bring “liberty to captives” when so many are enslaved by poverty, addiction, ignorance, discrimination, violence or disabling conditions;
  • Bring “new sight to the blind” in a culture where the excessive pursuit of power or pleasure can spiritually blind us to the dignity and right of others; and
  • “Set the downtrodden free” in communities where economic and moral forces leave people without real hope.

The term “social justice” embraces the seven principles of Catholic social teaching:

  1. Dignity of the human person
  2. Call to community and participation
  3. Option for the poor
  4. Solidarity with our neighbour
  5. Rights and responsibilities
  6. Dignity of work
  7. Care for God’s creation

In addition to our diocesan social services agency, CatholiCare, and other social justice ministries operating in the diocese such as the diocesan Justice Ecology and Peace Council, Catholic Mission, CaritasSt Vincent de Paul Society and Catholic Healthcare, there are a number of other social justice ministries and groups operating in the diocese.

Services directory

Other social justice ministries


Albion Park Social Justice Group

Meets in Albion Park, working towards a deepened faith, recognising and respecting differences, promoting peace, taking action to bring justice and nurturing God’s creation.
local_phone (02) 4256 2038

Kiama Social Justice Group

Has been meeting for over 15 years in Kiama focusing on issues that arise out of group discernment using Catholic Social Justice Teaching as a guide, and addressing a felt need in the local area or in the wider world
local_phone (02) 4232 2081

Macarthur Catholic Social Justice Network

Exists to promote social justice and peace, ecological concern and respect for life in society, in light of the Gospel and the social teaching of the Church. Meetings are held in Ruse.
local_phone (02) 8011 3508

PALMS Australia

Places skilled volunteers in remote communities around the world with the objective to facilitate people cooperating across cultures to achieve a just, sustainable, interdependent and peaceful world free of poverty.
local_phone (02) 9560 5333

Winga Myamly Reconciliation Group—Macarthur

Established to provide a forum and support for reconciliation in the Macarthur Region. The group organises a number of events and participates in reconciliation activities for the Appin Massacre Memorial, Sorry Day, Reconciliation Week and NAIDOC Week.
local_phone (02) 9605 1838