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To support those responsible for the preparation of liturgy in the Diocese of Wollongong, we have included responses to a list of frequently asked questions. If your question has not been answered, you are encouraged to contact Sacramental and Liturgy Consultant Sr Monica Barlow RSJ or Liturgy and Ministry Support Officer Anthony Rewak (see contact information below). This page will be updated where further questions are frequently asked of us.


I am having trouble logging in to One License / LiturgyHelp.


If you are having trouble logging in to One License or LiturgyHelp and are a member of a parish office team, or are volunteering on behalf of a parish office team, please contact Liturgy and Ministry Support Officer Anthony Rewak (see below contact details).

If you require access, but do not currently have login access to One Licence or LiturgyHelp, please contact your parish office first to request permission to access. Once permission has been granted, if you initially experience trouble with logging in, please contact your Parish Office. If you are unable to resolve this issue, please contact the Liturgy and Ministry Support Officer.

Please note: a free LiturgyHelp account can be acquired to access individual and family resources by visiting the following link:


Do I need to reference hymns when hymn lyrics are re-printed in a Mass booklet, or worship aid (PowerPoint presentation)?


Yes. In order to do so, you will need to ensure you have login access to One License, or a similar liturgical music copyright service provider (e.g. CCLI). Once you have logged in, please search for the relevant hymn in order to complete the following acknowledgement notice:

© 2003 (Year Published), ABC Music Co. (Publisher), All rights reserved.
Used with permission under ONE LICENSE #A-62XXXX (License Number)

         Note: if you are using CCLI, replace ONE LICENSE with CCLI.

If the re-printed hymn is not in the public domain (published before 1925), and is not in the One Licence catalogue (or that of a similar liturgical music copyright service provider), you do not have the rights to re-print the hymn (unless you receive permission from the copyright holder / publisher).

Reporting: After you have acknowledged the hymn, it is essential that you report that you have re-printed the hymn by logging into One License (or similar liturgical music copyright provider); this step ensures the publisher and composer are justly compensated for your use of the published work.

Please remember: Failure to acknowledge the re-printing of copyrighted hymns is a violation of copyright law.

Do I need to reference images when they are used in a Mass booklet, or worship aid (PowerPoint presentation)?


Yes. All photos and images (including clipart) must be referenced somewhere in the mass booklet or worship aid, and must be used with permission from the copyright holder. If you are unable to obtain permission to use an image from the copyright holder, it must be removed.

Generally we would advise to avoid including too many (if any) images in worship aids or Mass booklets so as not to distract from the liturgy, however, you may simply elect to use images that either belong to your parish/school/community (including logos and photographs).

How to locate online images that are safe to use

Images can also be located online that fall under a Creative Commons or Royalty Free License; this usually means that you are able to use the image so long as you provide acknowledgement. To locate images under a Creative Commons License, we would recommend you perform a search in Wikimedia Commons, or, or perform an Advanced Search on Google Images as follows:

Google Images Advanced Search: Select Settings > Advanced Search > Enter Search Terms > Usage Rights > Select Creative Commons Licences > Submit Search

How to reference online images that are safe to use

To reference images, we recommend the following referencing method: [Image Owner] (Year Published), [Image Name], [Website], [Link] – for example:

Buchhandler (2019), Heiliger Geist Mosaik, Wikimedia Commons,

Alternatively, if you know the license the image falls under, you are instead encouraged to include the type of license, as exampled below:

Buchhandler (2019), Heiliger Geist Mosaik, Wikimedia Commons, Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International.

In the end, unless you are prepared to locate and reference images that you have the rights to use, the recommendation is made not to include any images in your worship materials. Please contact us if you have any questions about this.

Can our Parish use commercial music for a Wedding or Funeral?


This is an important question; to help you understand it, please carefully read through the following points:

  • Worship is exempt from Performance copyright. This exemption applies to performers and recordings of performers, whether instrumental or vocal or both.
  • However, this exemption does not apply to Reproduction copyright (e.g. making an audio or video recording) and Communication copyright (e.g. live-streaming or podcasting) of the performance of pre-recorded music.
  • Where commercial music is performed or a recording is used during a recorded ceremony, separate arrangements must be made with copyright owners directly*.
  • ONE LICENSE does not cover copyrights for commercial music, but does offer a Podcasting license for live-streaming a live performance of music and Rehearsal license for audio recordings of music for the purposes of rehearsal.

* Funeral Directors may have purchased a OneMusic Australia license which, similar to ONE LICENSE, permits commercial music (that is in the OneMusic catalogue) to be used.

Please also find linked two resources to assist you to learn more about copryright: (1)  Guidelines for Copyright in Parish & School Liturgy and (2) Copyright Quick FAQ; Both make specific reference to most of which has been confirmed in this response.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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