Jude Hennessy

World Meeting of Families 2022—Day Two

June 23, 2022
Reflection by Australian delegates Monica and Kevin Chahoud

Walking into the Vatican yesterday we were overcome by emotion, not just by its grandeur and beauty, but its significance to our faith. It was a privilege to be able to attend Mass there.

The sessions today reflected the diversity of our Church. What struck me most was how similar these stories were to what we are seeing in our Church in Australia. The difference in culture and the distance didn’t seem to change the issues, but highlighted the strength of faith that people actively choose to include into their everyday lives.

The speakers were honest, many speaking of their own personal battles in order to highlight the importance of going back to basics, stopping to evaluate and being brutally honest with ourselves, our loved ones, and our church community in order to reset our lives.

The session about the domestic church and the importance of faith starting in the family home was one that we could all implement with small changes to our everyday lives, and then expanding it to the domestic church and its connection to community and Church showed our need to make a conscious decision every day to actively change, in order to let Jesus into our lives and families.

Monica and Kevin were invited by Bishop Robert Rabbat to represent the Melkite Catholic Eparchy of Australia. They have been married for 28 years and have three children.

You can watch a replay of Day Two below.

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