Urbi et Orbi—An extraordinary blessing from Pope Francis in response to the coronavirus pandemic

March 28, 2020

“On this boat… are all of us.” – Pope Francis

At 4am (AEST) Saturday morning (28 March), Pope Francis gave an extraordinary blessing called Urbi et Orbi (meaning: ‘to the city [of Rome] and to the world’) in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The papal blessing carried with it a plenary indulgence for all who followed live by television, internet or radio.
Click here to watch the Urbi et Orbi (with English translation).
Click here to read the full text of Urbi et Orbi.
We encourage everybody to take to the time to listen and reflect on the words of Pope Francis at the Urbi et Orbi blessings. However don’t approach reading the reflection as if you were listening to a news article or opinion peace, but take the time to be alone, be empty and allow the words to sit with you.
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