The Season of Creation: God is a Trinity of Love

September 28, 2021

The Season of Creation is here, an annual Christian celebration of prayer and action for our common home, which begins with the arrival of Spring, and lasts to the Feast of St Francis of Assisi on 4 October.

In this third week of the Season of Creation, the theme is God is a Trinity of Love. As the ACBC 2021 Social Justice statement says:

The three-person God is a Trinity of love.
Every creative act and every part of creation
emerges from this divine interplay of love.

The entire creation is upheld and sustained in the continuous love of God its creator, energizer, governor, sustainer, and completion. 

This love extends from the existence of the smallest particle of star dust, through to the mysterious laws that govern the universe, to the creation of humans with free will and radical choice.  The ‘mystery of God’s will’,  the ‘good pleasure of God’ (Eph 1:9) is one of absolute love.

The fourth prayer goes as follows:

Creator God,
Creative Word,
Creating Spirit,
instil in us the humility of creatures
and the wisdom of co-creators.

May we act and speak and breathe
as if within your dance of divine love.

Open us to marvel at the wonder
of your handiwork.
Enable us to see your spirit within all things.
Teach us to respect all that is created.
Humble us to hear the cry of the earth
and the cry of the poor.
Empower us to respond with all our heart and
mind and spirit.

In Christ and through the Spirit
we seek to be the carers within your creation,
Creator God.



During this Season of Creation, I would invite you to download and read the Social Justice Statement, and to download and share the resources and prayers with your family and your community, which can be accessed by clicking down below:


I also encourage you to learn more about the Laudato Si’ Action Platform, a great initiative the Vatican launched this year.

I look forward to writing to you next week on the Feast of St Francis of Assisi, which will conclude this Season of Creation.


Sr Monica Barlow RSJ
Sacramental and Liturgy Consultant
Catholic Diocese of Wollongong




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