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Plenary Post, Edition 38 – September 24, 2021

September 24, 2021

PlenaryPost is the Plenary Council e-newsletter. It is periodically and keeps you up-to-date with all the news and information related to the Plenary Council happenings around the country.

Plenary Post, Edition 38 – September 24, 2021

It is almost three-and-a-half years to the day since we announced that Pope Francis had given his approval for the Catholic Church in Australia to hold a plenary council. It was a long journey from the seeds of a national gathering until that approval, and the time since the official period of preparation began has seen the Church traverse drought, bushfire, floods and an ongoing pandemic.

Through all that, we stand just 10 days away from the Opening Mass, which Archbishop Timothy Costelloe SDB will celebrate at St Mary’s Cathedral in Perth. There have been moments when we wondered if we’d ever make it to this point, but led by the Holy Spirit and supported by a cast of thousands across the country, we’re within touching distance.

Keen followers of PlenaryPost will know that the newsletter normally comes out on the last Thursday of each month. This month, we’re sending it a week early because there are some timely updates that will help the thousands of people who receive the newsletter to prepare for the first general assembly.

Read on for a series of updates, including on prayers and liturgies, on the advisers to the Plenary Council, information on livestreaming during the first assembly and other news and notes from around the country.

And please continue to pray for the Plenary Council.

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