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May 20, 2020

Heyo, we are the NET team placed here in Wollongong! We are all North Americans and we are keen to share our love of Jesus with the people in this lovely city. We usually work alongside CYMW. When we first arrived, we visited different Catholic schools in the diocese, leading Encounter days and helping out with Live Nights and Live Local. Our ministry has been suspended until COVID passes, but this hasn’t stopped us from spreading our message with the youth of the diocese through our Instagram (@wollongongnetteam) as well as starring in LIVE Online with CYMW.

We were so keen to do the task of watching a few Christian movies and give our recommendation for each! When it came to selecting the movies, we quickly realised that we didn’t know many Christian movies. The challenge was finding movies you have heard of. Below we listed the titles of the movies, along with our rating out of 10, and an honest recommendation from the team:



Nacho Libre


We decided to watch Nacho Libre as a lighthearted and funny alternative for a Christian movie. Although it is not outrightly religious, there are elements of it that have good values, as well as a good laugh. Ignacio is an orphan who grew up to join the friary that raised him. He aspires to be a fighter, which is looked down upon by the brothers and the nun in the orphanage. But he persists as a fighter and continues to use all his winnings to provide the orphans good food. When Ignacio first starts fighting, he is not winning because his intentions were selfish. Closer to the end of the movie he realises that he needs to fight for God in order to continue to help the children in the orphanage. We thoroughly enjoyed the comedy and laughed the whole time! We’ve been quoting bits of the film all week. We feel convicted to work hard for God and recommend this movie if you’re keen for a good laugh. We rate this 8.5 for its hilarious content, great acting, and professional filming.



I Can Only Imagine


We started out with I Can Only Imagine, based on a true story about Bart Millard, the lead singer of MercyMe, and the story behind his hit single “I Can Only Imagine.” The actor portrayed the deep emotion that Bart Millard would have actually experienced as a child up until the writing of his hit song. It is about difficult forgiveness and the beauty of mercy. It was heartbreaking but also hopeful and showed how much God could transform anyone’s life. It is a very heavy movie and has elements of violence, so we recommend the movie to anyone over the age of 16. If you’re anything like us, you will probably cry. We rate this an 8/10 for the beautiful story, great tunes, and good acting.





The Case for Christ


The Case for Christ is the true story about a man journeying from stubborn atheism to belief in Jesus, whilst his wife is dedicated and persistent in her relationship with Jesus. It is an apologetic movie, meaning that it presents evidence to defend Christianity. After watching, we each felt very educated and informed about facts that we didn’t know and were quite surprised at how much we learned through his journey, involving the death and resurrection of Jesus. This movie portrayed better acting compared to the other movies that we watched. We highly recommend you to watch this movie if you are questioning views on Jesus’ life story or want to know about it because it presents realistic and helpful information. We rated it a 7 because it was a good film, and we feel we now have a better understanding of Jesus and religion.



Overall, we had a great time watching these movies and hope that you will find time to watch them as well! Perhaps we have inspired you to watch some of our favourites. Connect with us on our Insta (@wollongongnetteam) to share your favourite movies!

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