Jude Hennessy

Danny and Leila Abdallah prepare to address the Church in Rome

June 24, 2022

Report by Jude Hennessy

The story of Danny and Leila Abdallah and their profound embracing of mercy and forgiveness after three of their children were tragically killed by a reckless driver is a highly anticipated talk at the World Meeting of Families 2022 (WMOF).

Danny and Leila’s story has captured the heart of our entire nation of Australia and has been a source of great interest with the secular media and society more broadly. Most have been left completely astounded by their willingness and ability to immediately forgive the driver who killed their children while speeding and under the influence of drugs in their neighbourhood.

The whole family have been incredible witnesses to the power of mercy and forgiveness that comes from their faith, with numerous media outlets from around the world now most eager to share their story, and their message to embrace forgiveness.

Their presence in Rome with their four children, including newborn baby Selina, has been supported by the former prime minister, Scott Morrison, and current Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, both of whom have encouraged them to spread their movement of mercy
around the world.

Danny and Leila have commenced the establishment of a national day of mercy called I Forgive. This movement is quickly being picked up across Australia, such is the love and trust in the authenticity of the Abdallah family, and they hope to spread it around the globe.

Leila and Danny, in reflecting on Pope Francis’ opening address to the WMOF believe, “That despite the tragedy and suffering that remains very real for us, forgiveness is the narrow path, but the only path that leads to healing, to new life, the life of freedom and hope that God wants for all of his children. We want to bring to reality in practical ways the sort of radical forgiveness that Jesus asks of us and that Pope Francis is asking believers to model in family life.”

Danny and Leila spoke to EWTN in the lead up to their speech at the WMOF this Saturday, and discussed how their married love has grown and deepened in the midst of the ongoing suffering. They have an attitude of having seven children, three of whom are now ahead of them, preparing a place for the rest of the family. You can watch their ETWN below.

You will also be able to watch the Abdallah’s speaking live on Day 4 of WMOF (Saturday 25 June) from 12pm Rome time/8pm Australian Eastern Standard time on EWTN: https://www.youtube.com/hashtag/wmof22

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