Novena for a World in Need—St Mary of the Cross Mackillop

March 27, 2020

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The warmth of the midday sun has restorative powers, bringing healing and strength to our minds and bodies. You are invited to pause at midday and pray with confident trust for our world that is in need of healing.


Let us be for our world beacons of hope and trust.
May God bless and strengthen us.
Confide all to God.
See how God carries us through the storms.



Each day of the Novena begins with the  appropriate words from St Mary of the Cross:

Day 1: The prayer of a humble heart is a powerful weapon. 26/04/1873

Day 2: Have good courage, for God is so very good to us all. 06/01/1870

Day 3: Let us never forget that God has done wonders for us and wonderfully protected us in our helplessness. 03/03/1882

Day 4:  Do have courage. 15/01/1872

Day 5:  God has always helped me and I have more than ever cause to trust in Him. 10/03/1874

Day 6:  God is good and has brought light and help when all was very dark. 18/01/1899

Day 7: How good God is to me/us and how much reason I/we have to be grateful. 22/02/1899

Day 8: In God alone I trust. 12/1874

Day 9:  Let us be joyful and thank God. 19/03/1874



Let us pray.

God ever faithful, giver and sustainer of life,
you know the depths of our pain as we journey through this time of unknowing.

Hear our voices and the cry of our hearts.
Guide us to the most life-giving ways open to us.

St Joseph, man of courage, you protected Mary and Jesus when they were in danger.
Cradle us now safely in this same protecting embrace.

May we, like you, extend this care to our world in need.

St Mary of the Cross, you faced difficult times with a heart filled with trust,
always believing in the watchful presence of God.

Walk with us now in this difficult time,
and may we be for others, examples of confident hope and trust.

St Joseph and St Mary of the Cross pray with us in this time of need.


Used with permission from the Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Sacred Heart

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