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Journey Magazine wins at ACPA 2019

September 16, 2019

The diocese’s award-winning Journey Magazine was again in the winner’s circle at the 2019 Australasian Catholic Press Association Awards held in Bathurst NSW on Thursday 12 September.

Journey took home the prize in two major categories and was highly commended in a third category. The magazine’s editor, Daniel Hopper, and graphic designer, Jeremy Yuen, were on hand to receive the awards on behalf of the diocese. “It’s a great reward for the many people in the diocese who contribute to our magazine across all our sectors—including our parishes, schools and CatholicCare. I am especially proud that the articles we won for this year were all about the importance of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and how we share that relationship with others—it’s our mission in action!” Daniel said.

Below are the judges comments for the three awards that Journey Magazine won:


Winner—Best Devotional Article Applying Faith to Life

By Anne Sutherland and Daniel Hopper
Alpha: A powerful Medicine
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Our own journey of life is one that is often complicated, involving twists and turns, that can rattle our sense of who we are, and our sense of faith. In the article by Anne Sutherland, we experience what truly is key into the journey of faith; trust in God and a willingness to surrender to his will. The writer has beautifully told Eddie’s story of faith and encounter with Christ, experienced through Alpha, allowing the reader to see what each of us is called to do; to go deeper with God and to be willing to allow God to work through each and every moment of our lives. In the beautiful testimony of Eddie, we see his journey of Faith, we see how the gift of Jesus’ love has transformed him to be who Christ calls him to be. Anne, in her writing, has allowed us to journey and to reflect on who we see Jesus Christ as in our life. This article is a wonderful example of how writing can be a source of inspiration and renewal, allowing others to see how their faith can grow. We see Eddie’s journey and we are reminded of another great Christian writer, St Augustine, who said: “You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it finds its rest in You.”


Winner—Best Mission Coverage

By Anne Sutherland and Daniel Hopper
I was in Prison and You Visited Me
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This holistic coverage of the Diocese of Wollongong’s ecumenical outreach to prisoners contains two well-written, descriptive articles that give the reader a sense of being there and having a cuppa with the storytellers. In a specific way, the writer has used the “show rather than tell” technique to furnish the narrative about the work of prison chaplains and simultaneously afforded dignity to those in prison who are served by this essential ministry. The article had a very clear link to Scripture and justice and mission imperative of the Church.


Highly Commended—Best Article on Catechesis

By Peter Gilmore
An Unlikely Message—Virtue and the Jordan Peterson Phenomenon
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Replete with arresting images and descriptive language, Peter Gilmore’s article about the Jordan Peterson phenomenon takes the reader on an exploratory journey into this modern-day enigma. We are led in the article to reflect, through the success of Jordan Peterson’s approach and key message, on the richness of the Church’s teaching on what makes a virtuous life and the contemporary search for meaning among people of all ages. “As Catholics, we have much to offer the world” Gilmore states and the reader is enriched by his explication of the beauty, truth and challenge of that tradition in this article.


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