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Bishop urges the faithful to sign ePetition to abolish Death Bill

February 22, 2022

My Sisters and Brothers in Christ

I urge you to take a stand to abolish Alex Greenwich’s Death Bill. It is imperative that all our supporters of life sign this ePetition now and share the link with others, requesting that they do the same. The ePetition is short and unambiguous. It reads as follows:

“To the President and Members of the Legislative Council, the petitioners of New South Wales state that they are completely opposed to the passage of the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2021, in any form, which provides for state sanctioned/funded assisted suicide/euthanasia.  A cornerstone of our legal system is that ALL human life has inherent value and must be treated with dignity and respect.  The petitioners request that the House unanimously oppose the bill, in any form, and reject it.”

An excellent article regarding the legislation was recently published in the Catholic Weekly.

I would urge you to stand up and support the sanctity of life from conception to natural death by signing this petition below.

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Most Rev Brian G Mascord DD
Bishop of Wollongong
22 February 2022
Feast of the Chair of St Peter
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