1,000 decades for Healthcare workers

September 21, 2021


Anyone watching daily COVID reports not only from New South Wales, but around Australia, and indeed the world, would be aware of the great work being done by front-line healthcare workers.

These nurses, doctors, paramedics, and mental-health workers are the human face of the battle against this pandemic. As with any battle, there is a toll that is paid by those on the front-line; in this case it is the toll of long hours in the face of sickness, the sadness of losing patients, sharing the experience of grief with families, and holding-up those for whom this period of lockdown weighs heavily.

This is our opportunity to support and hold in prayer paramedics, nurses, mental-health workers and doctors engaged in front-line healthcare. Our aim is by Thursday 7 October (The Memorial of Our Lady of the Rosary) to offer 1,000 decades of the Rosary for frontline healthcare workers, asking that our gracious God may continue to inspire and protect them.

We invite you to leave a comment on the facebook post above, every time you pray a decade.

We remember our frontline healthcare workers, and ask Mary our Good Mother to commend them to God.



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