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St Mary's Towers

  • St Mary's Towers is gifted with an atmosphere conducive to prayer and reflection.
  • We cultivate a place of profound contemplative silence in an hospitable environment which binds and communicates.
  • This silence extends from our way of living and moving about ordinary tasks, to an inward contemplative attitude towards one's own self and God.
  • The silence of this place is at the service of a serious commitment to a spirit of prayer.
  • This spirit and life find expression in a natural and normal living out of the kindness of God, towards those who live here and those who visit.
Web site: http://towersretreat.abundance.org.au

Contact details

  • Contact: Miss Pat Cagney
  • Address: 415 Douglas Park Drive, Douglas Park 2569
  • Tel: 02 4630 9159
  • Fax: 02 4630 9364
  • E-Mail:

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