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Natural Fertility Australia

Natural Fertility Australia (NFA) is a network of agencies dedicated to providing you with comprehensive and scientific information about the increasingly popular methods of fertility management.
Imagine how your lifestyle could be enhanced if you could naturally:

  • avoid pregnancy
  • achieve pregnancy
  • understand your fertility
  • manage menopause
  • improve your sexual and reproductive health outcomes
Natural fertility management helps you achieve all that by teaching you how to understand your body’s natural signs or clinical indicators that identify the fertile and infertile phases of your menstrual cycle. Fertility education can also equip you with the skills and knowledge to recognise certain physiological abnormalities in your reproductive system.

Fertility and reproductive health are sometimes considered neglected areas in health education. Our aim is to educate the public and health professionals on all aspects of natural fertility management so that women can become empowered with natural and scientifically proven methods to achieve their fertility goals. You can be one of the many women who enjoy being in touch and in control of your fertility.

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