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Articles in Category: Bishop Peter Ingham

Rest in Peace Fr Vince Whiteman

08 November 2016

Rest in Peace Fr Vince Whiteman

My Brothers and Sisters

Fr Vince Whiteman, a priest of our Diocese, aged 81 years and ordained in 1963, entered eternal life at 7.20 am on Sunday 6 November 2016. Vince died peacefully. His first-cousin, Sr Marea Ross RSJ, was with him. As a faithful servant of Christ, Vince, in his...

Bishop Peter Ingham's Easter Greetings 2016

23 March 2016

Bishop Peter Ingham's Easter Greetings 2016

All over the world at Easter, Christians celebrate Jesus being raised from the dead.  The evidence of Jesus’ death on the Cross is quite conclusive.

So Easter does not celebrate the resuscitation of Jesus, but his resurrection.

In whatever...

Reclaiming Halloween

31 October 2015

Halloween is growing in popularity but its roots are lost on most people.  It is observed on 31 October, the "een" or "eve" of All Hallows Day (All Saints Day) on 1 November.

"Hallow” occurs in the Lord's Prayer – "hallowed be thy name" (may God's name be held...

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