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Parishes Working Together


Parishes Working Together Process

We are all called to follow Christ, and as a Diocese, we need to plan how we can best follow Christ together. Our Diocesan Pastoral Plan 2011 - 2015, Bearers of Christ's Love, is the fruit of over 2,000 participants reflecting on how we can best serve God's mission into the future (Summary version of the Pastoral Plan is available here). A key goal of our plan is "to make sure that our community models and structures will address the current and emerging needs in our Diocese." As such, we are invited to participate in our Parishes Working Together consultation process. We are encouraged to:

In April 2013, we gathered for regional consultations to finalise this process. 

This page also offers:

On Pentencost, 19 May 2013, Bishop Peter Ingham delivered an interim report on the Parishes Working Together process as part of his Pentecost Pastoral Letter:

Online Feedback

Click here to offer your feedback via our online survey to the questions on pages 42-43 of the Parishes Working Together Workbook.  The Online survey also offers the option of providing feedback to all the questions in the Workbook.

Additional Statistical Information for Parishes

We have compiled a report containing additional Statistical Information relating to the Parishes Working Together process that are not contained in the Workbook. This may be helpful for those attending the Education and Consultation sessions.