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Journey 47 - Spring 2011

Download the Magazine: Journey 47 (4.75 MB)

Journey 47Most issues of Journey feature a photo of a recent diocesan happening on the cover. However, with our sisters and brothers in East Africa afflicted by famine, our cover reflects our desire to keep their plight present in our prayers and actions.

We can feel both powerless and guilty in the face of the famine. Powerless, because we can do so little to stop so many from dying and suffering; guilty, because we live in such comfort while some measure survival by whether they can find their next meal. Such emotions can lead to despair or a cynical detachment.

As Christians, we are called to remain hope-filled and committed to supporting our brothers and sisters in need. We are hope-filled, because Jesus Christ, our God, gave his life for us and continues to love us totally, inviting us to live to the full in this world and in the life to come. We live this hope as we share it with others. And despite our many failings as Church, there is much that we do as Church in serving those in need.

Examples of how we live our mission are found in the pages of this magazine and within every parish and school community of our Diocese. Let us continue to bearers of Christ’s love as we heed Jesus Christ’s words, that when we offer food and drink, clothing and comfort to those in need, we are caring for Christ himself and according the one we serve the dignity of Christ.

  • Wednesday, 20 June 2012
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