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Journey 45 - Autumn 2011

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The young married couple pictured on the cover are photographed as their baby receives the sacrament of Baptism at Camden Parish.
This young family encapsulates so much of what the Diocesan Pastoral Plan - Bearers of Christ's Love - seeks to achieve.
God entrusts these parents to be bearers of Christ's love to their newborn child. With the help of the Church, and through the grace of the sacraments, parents become the first educators of their child in the Faith.
Journey45What sort of welcome and support will this family receive in our Church? How does the way we celebrate the sacramental life of the Church enrich them in their faith journey? What gifts do they offer and how can these be affirmed and shared with the faith community? How will their own faith education and spirituality be deepened for their own journey, so that they can best support their child? Finally, how do we ensure the Church structures of parish, school, and social welfare work together to address the pastoral needs of this family and with the many other Catholics moving into the Diocese, particularly in the Camden region?
Our Diocesan Pastoral Plan seeks to address these questions, for youth and young families, and for other people in our Diocese.
In the final analysis, our Plan will succeed not because we achieve lots of the actions listed in the plan, but because the plan supports families such as the one pictured in their call to be bearers of Christ's love.

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