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Journey 44 - Summer 2010

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Our Mary MacKillop Celebration (cover) enlivens this issue. "I felt empowered by today." "It is a day I will always remember." "It was a taste of heaven." These comments offer a sample of the joy and hope engendered by the 31 October celebration. We gathered: in wheelchairs and strollers, descendants of the first Australians alongside first generation migrants and refugees, Catholics and non-Catholics; united together in our desire to glorify God for the gift of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop. It was a day that captured some of the best of what it means to be the People of God.
This celebration took place in the middle of a year of planning in the Diocese, planning which, in many ways, seeks to achieve such an expression of uplifting liturgy, inclusive community and people inspired for mission. Yet the celebration of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop reminds us that the Church honours this saint first and foremost because of her desire to know and love God so as to do God's will.
Journey44_CoverWhile living many goals and actions, it is not for these that she is primarily honoured as a saint. In the same way, regardless of the many goals and actions generated through our pastoral planning, we are challenged not to lose sight of our primary call: to know and love God and to do God's will. We will judge the success of our planning by many factors: improved services to those in need, increased participation in areas of ministry, a deeper knowledge of our faith; but hopefully with St Mary of the Cross MacKillop, our pastoral planning will lead us to say: "I can think of nothing but of giving my whole self, with my whole heart to the will of God."

Articles include:

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  • In Schools
  • Our Journey Ahead - from Issues to Goals; from Actions to Plans
  • Ugandan Bishop launches Mission Month
  • Rest in peace - Fr Andrej Matoc
  • Deacons for our Diocese
  • Your deacon, your servant
  • New facility opens to support Wollongong families
  • Catholic Women's League news
  • The new English translation of the Mass
  • Compeer friends celebrate 10 years
  • Mothers Prayers
  • What's it take to be a Catechist?
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