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Journey 40 - Summer 2009

This issue includes Bishop Peter’s statement launching our pastoral planning in our Diocese. Our cover photo features a road of the Diocese which passes by a beautiful fig tree. This photo has been chosen to depict “Our Journey Ahead”, the title of our pastoral planning process. The road may invite us to remember the many roads depicted in the Gospels.

journey40There is the Road of the Good Samaritan, where love is shown by the most unlikely of neighbours; the Road to Calvary, Jesus’ suffering path to his death and new life; The Road to Emmaus, where the despairing followers of Jesus, walking away after his defeat on the cross, encounter a fellow traveller who leaves them with “hearts burning within them” and faith renewed. And in Advent, we find ourselves on the road with Mary and Joseph, as they journey to Bethlehem, seeking to bring Christ to birth in the world, to become a family in Christ. What road will we journey in our pastoral planning? Who might we encounter and what will we bring to birth?

The fig tree is also found in the Gospels. Jesus speaks of the fig tree bearing no fruit and threatened with the axe. The gardener pleads for one more year to dig around it, fertilise it, so that it may bear fruit. What needs to be fertilised and strengthened in our own planning so that as a Diocese we may bear much fruit? These are exciting times, as Bishop Peter writes in his letter. For Advent also reminds us that we do not plan alone. God is with us! May all our roads and fruits find their source and journey’s end in the fullness of life Christ offers.

Articles include:

  • Second Special Assembly of the Synod of Bishops for Africa
  • Anglicans to be welcomed into the Church
  • International Day of People with Disability to focus on poverty
  • In schools ~ Bishop Peter's Q & A
  • Compassionate discussion needed about refugees and asylum seekers
  • Marriage anniversary Mass
  • Why do men become priests?
  • Catechists gather to celebrate
  • World Mission Month launch
  • Our Journey Ahead - special feature
  • Gen Y tackles the tricky issues and asks 'Y God'?
  • Anointed and sent - an Australian vision for Catholic Youth Ministry
  • Memorial Mass at Andrew Lysaght Park
  • Jesus. All About Life campaign update
  • The Church and Climate Change
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