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Journey 39 - Spring 2009


A guru calls forth his wisest student from his peers and asks him to move a huge boulder to pass his final test. The student slumps his shoulders as he considers this task. He pushes with all his might, but to no avail.
The guru gently reminds the student that he did not expect him to do it all alone. Looking around, the student spots a sturdy branch, and uses that as a lever. However, the boulder is still far too heavy.
Again, the guru reminds him that he need not move the boulder all alone. Finally, the student has a burst of inspiration. Calling up his fellow students, together they use the branch to lever the boulder which rolls away.
Pope Benedict has declared this the Year of the Priest. It is a time for us to be grateful for our priests and pray for them. They are called to minister to the Church in many ways. At times, their task of caring for whole communities can seem daunting, almost like trying to move a boulder. They must administer
the sacraments, care for the sick, educate us in the faith and strengthen and inspire us through their preaching and daily witness.
Yet the plan was never for them to move the boulder all alone. Through our Baptism, we are called forward to work with our priests, under their guidance, in supporting and enriching our faith communities and caring for the wider world.
The Catholic Development Fund is one great example of the “levers” which are available to help our priests and our church in realising our mission. This issue of Journey celebrates many other examples of people across our diocese who are working with our priests to make a difference.

Articles include:

  • Bishop launches CDF’s deposit-raising campain
  • Year of the Priest
  • National Stewardship Institute and Conference
  • In schools
  • New school beginning
  • Jesus. All about life guide
  • New Youth Team for Mt Carmel High School
  • Extraordinary Young People
  • Diocese wins Tourism Award
  • Beginning Theology
  • Significant Priestly Anniversaries
  • Giving thanks for the dedication of catechists
  • Around the Diocese
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