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Journey 37 - Autumn 2009

The Autumn 2009 edition of Journey features Bishop Peter's Lenten Pastoral Letter, a reflection on fifty years of priesthood, an introduction to Loretta Brinkman (new Youth and Young Adult Coordinator) and the new Youth Mission Team.

So What’s the Good News?

With all the bad news regarding the financial crisis, and more grey clouds on the way, is there any good news to cheer us up? Christians are sometimes stereotyped as naive optmists. If their car breaks down, perhaps God wanted them to walk; if they get seriously ill, perhaps it is God’s way of telling them to slow down. Applied to its extreme, even natural disasters or acts of violence become somehow attributed to God with some good outcome attached.

In this issue of Journey, we encounter a deeper appreciation of the Good News which is Jesus Christ. Bishop Peter’s Lenten Pastoral Letter invites us to focus on what the real crisis is in our life. He reflects that the Good News for Christians is not dependent on the ups and downs of our daily life but stems from our abiding in God’s constant love. In A Life Changing Experience we see the joyful responses to the Good News in the women and men who have stepped forward to join the Catholic Church in their desire to love and serve Jesus Christ.

Ths edition also features inspiring stories of People with Disabililty. Again, there is a recognition that our Good News does not depend on our circumstances, but on the gift of God’s love at the heart of who we are and the many ways we respond through the gift of our own life.

May this Easter be a time for each of us to discover anew the real Good News. Is there someone we know who needs to hear it?

Richard McMahon (editor)

  • Sunday, 27 November 2011
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