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Journey 34 - Winter 2008

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Editorial: Welcoming the World
The cover of our winter edition bears the striking image of the Journey of the Cross and Icon making its way across Sea Cliff Bridge. World Youth Day offers us a bridge not only between many cultures but also between many faiths. It is a time to welcome!
As we welcome the world during World Youth Day, for it to be more than a superficial welcome, we are called to remain mindful of the suffering taking place in so many nations.

The recent natural disasters in Burma and China may be gone from our nightly news but the suffering continues among those affected. We know that many nations also suffer from the effects of poverty, war, harsh regimes, famine and climate change. In our own country we continue to seek justice for asylum seekers, for our indigenous brothers and sisters, and for those struggling to make ends meet afflicted by drought and rising costs of living.

So in this time of celebration, is there really a cause to celebrate? As a church, we are mindful of the first apostles and our early pioneers, who huddled in a room, overwhelmed by what seemed the end of a dream, by the death of Jesus Christ.
Yet something changed. They emerged from hiding and began communicating to people of all cultures a new reality, a new way of life and welcoming others to participate. In WYD08, we are given a taste of this new reality. Our genuine welcome of others in Christ’s name is cause for celebration!

However, for our welcome to be genuine, we are invited not to close the door and turn the lights out after WYD is over. The invitation is to continue to welcome the world. If Burmese and Chinese victims disappear from our TV screens, we are invited to keep them present in our hearts – in our prayers and in our actions. Similarly, let us sustain the ties made during WYD, to break bread with others, regardless of their background, and to share our own time, gifts and resources. For when we welcome the world in this way, we respond to Jesus’ call: “You will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you will be my witnesses.” (Acts 1:8) What power there is when people unite across all that divides, and what a witness to the world!

  • Wednesday, 23 November 2011
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