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Journey 33 - Autumn 2008

journey33Were you there when the World Youth Day Cross, Icon and Message Stick came?
Did you touch the Cross?
Did you carry it?
These are the questions being asked by so many people around our country who keep speaking about the special experience
of being with the Cross and Icon.
In just a few weeks we encounter the Cross and Icon for ourselves - in our own parishes, schools, shopping centres, streets, prisons, malls...
Where will you be?

  • Is Jesus risen in our hearts?
  • Just want justice
  • A radical way of serving God
  • Good news in Macarthur

New Journey for Diocesan News

Welcome to our first Diocesan newsletter for 2008.
Journey is our new title for Diocesan News containing news and information from around the Diocese of Wollongong which stretches from Helensburgh down to Ulladulla and from the Southern Highlands up to the Camden and Campbelltown area. The title Journey is an invitation. It recognises that we are all on a journey to a deeper relationship into God and with one another.

The stories and reflections brought to you through these pages hope to share something of people’s own personal journeys and encounters with our God. This edition is dominated by the World Youth Day preparations and the exciting time around the corner when the Cross and Icon comes to our region. While younger people are getting excited and involved, it is great to hear that across our nation many older people are also particularly touched and renewed by the experience of World Youth Day events.

I encourage you to get involved! I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Ms Rosanna Ganassin for her fine effort as editor for the Diocesan News over the past eight years. Finally, I invite you to join the journey. Share your own journey with us and I pray that you find in these pages something to help you on the road which you travel.

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