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Advent Resource Guide 2007 - Called and gifted by Christ

We have it screamed out to us from our TV Sets, signs are in every shop window, and the discussions around the workplace and social circles all focus on the one question: “Have you done your Christmas shopping yet? Buy! Buy! Buy!” 

Our lives can become consumed with what we have to get now for ourselves and others. We can almost become defined by what we do, what we give and get. But Advent reminds us that we are defined by the great love of our God, incarnated in the extravagant gift of Jesus Christ to our world, a gift which could never be bought.
In our baptism, we celebrate our own acceptance of God’s free gift, which calls us to become more like Jesus Christ - sharing his life and love, and placing our personal gifts at the service of others. During this season of Advent, we are invited to spend some time reflecting on our own baptism. Jesus comes into our lives again this Christmas. What does it mean for us and our lives to receive the gift of his love?



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