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Advent Program 2010 - Advent Vigilance

A Spirituality of Vigilance - The God who comes
There can be something slightly predictable about Advent programs. After all, they are all about waiting - taking the time to prepare for the coming of Jesus. This is as it should be. The onslaught of pre-Christmas consumerism can be overwhelming. Finding the time to focus on what this season is all about can be all but impossible. And yet it is important that we try. This time of the year can be like the experience of panning for gold - intently looking for what's valuable in the midst of all the rubbish. As Advent begins we are in danger of missing what's being offered to us by God. We may feel buffeted by society, by the media, by the demands of family and friends - so much so that some of us can't wait for December to be over so that the real time of peace and joy can begin! The time has well and truly come to claim back this season. It is our hope that these series of weekly reflections will help us all do just that. This is the beginning of a new liturgical year, and the spiritual nourishment God seeks to give us now will, if we can but respond to it, carry us through the entire year. Jesus Christ wishes to be reborn in our lives and to walk with us through all the ups and downs of 2011. To this end he needs us to learn to recognise and respond to his presence. We are to adopt a spirituality of vigilance — by which is meant that we are to be ever attentive to his coming.
To have an advent is to have an arrival. In the Church calendar, the four-week Advent season is a time for observing the ultimate arrival, the coming of Christ into the world. During Advent we celebrate Jesus' birth, and we also look forward to his future arrival, the restoration of all things. We remember together that in him, Light and Love have come.
  • Thursday, 24 November 2011
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